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Barhero Media is a full stacked digital marketing agency - ready to meet the demands of the ever - changing hospitality space. We understand that there's many ways to succeed in the industry that's why we offer our expertise in content creation, social media marketing, consulting, and web development as part of our list of services


The Barhero mobile application makes it easier than ever before for restaurant owners and people to stay connect. By giving business's a place post daily deals and events easily accessibly to people, Barhero has created a one stop shop for business owners to share updates to the local community. ​


We've helped more than 600  restaurant and bar venues at Barhero Media grow online. Our in house video production team and media partnerships enable Barhero to be a true asset to any business looking to grow at an affordable rate. Our content is shot in either a 4K or Red camera to create unparalleled quality.



The idea for Barhero came from understanding that there is a major need in the market for restaurants to feel connected to the local community in the most positive light and vise versa. By putting business owners first and yanking traditional review systems, our platform helps people find what they're looking for quickly, without the negative bias of most review sites. 

What’s been missing is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution, that allows consumers to search & discover, while giving business owners a better way to promote their daily food & beverage specials at little to no cost.


Carlsbad, San Diego, CA 92009

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