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Barhero is helmed by a profound management team with years of first hand and deep cross-disciplinary expertise spanning the food and beverage, marketing, and software industries and beyond. Each individual brings to the Barhero team the fundamentals that will grow Barhero into a powerhouse industry contender, while bridging a major digital communication gap between restaurants and consumers.

davis linkdin pic.jpg
Davis Oren
CEO & Founder
Ben Swinford
CTO & Product Lead

Davis is in charge of conceptualizing and deploying strategies leading significant B2B partnerships and SaaS accounts. He Iterates a robust process for pressure testing new strategies, validating assumptions, and narrowing the pipeline of possible solutions to an optimal strategy.

Ben is an experienced mobile developer and engineering graduate from Cornell University. He has led multiple software teams with key roles in design and engineering.

Chris Gaetani
VP Marketing

Chris has years of first-hand experience across the service industry and is uniquely qualified to help grow Barhero into the leading name in the restaurant and bar advertising space. 

Ian Cooper
VP Accounts

Ian reimagines marketing strategies and the online social footprint for small – mid sized businesses in the hospitality sector. He helps develop strategic partnerships, negotiate contracts, and leads our team of sales professionals helping us achieve significant growth.

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