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Push Notifications

When a person opens Barhero for the first time, we create a custom experience that can deliver daily push notifications straight to their phone. We help drive more awareness, build a positive image, and create more lead generation for businesses.

Maximize Time & Opportunities

Every city has it’s Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Bottomless Brunch, etc. In today's digital business world, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities in real- time.

Engage The Community

Every city has it’s Comedy, Trivia, Live Music, Dancing, etc. We want to help more people see the fun things happening at your restaurant. 


It takes two minutes to post an event on Barhero and can be auto-generated to post at the same time the next day, week, or month with another two clicks.

Quickly Post 

Reach people who matter to you the most for a fraction of the cost.

Fill in the template to reach the desired audience 

Track Results

To view the success of a campaign, simply check the views in the center left of the screen highlighted in

red. Views are counted by the sum of times a user looks at a venues Event, Promotion, and Place columns which are then added to the view total.


*Additional insight can be delivered upon request. 

Our Mission

We're here to put more time back in the lives of the management team, and take the headache away from tedious marketing campaigns. Join Barhero to reach people who matter to you the most for a fraction of the cost. The set up is free, we charge an annual rate of  $499.00. Fill out the form below to get started


*Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Specials can be edited regularly for free! 

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